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The tricolor

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Title: The tricolor flag.

Author : GEORGIN François (1801 - 1863)

Creation date : 1830

Date shown: 1830

Dimensions: Height 66.8 - Width 42.5

Technique and other indications: Wood stencil colored on laid paper.Pellerin (editor), François Georgin (engraver).

Storage place: MuCEM website

Contact copyright: © Photo RMN-Grand Palais - J.-G. Berizzi

Picture reference: 02CE10159 / 65.75.272

© Photo RMN-Grand Palais - J.-G. Berizzi

Publication date: May 2005

Historical context

On July 30, 1830, the day after the Three Glorious Days, Philippe of Orleans accepts the lieutenant general of the kingdom offered to him by a small group of parliamentarians (forty-seven out of seven hundred!). We must act quickly, the Orleanist candidacy is pushed forward by the liberals (La Fayette, Thiers, Constant) and the business community (led by Laffitte) to defeat at the same time a possible return of the Bourbons in the person Henri V and a proclamation of the republic that many insurgents of the day before, holding quarters at the Town Hall, are calling for.

Image Analysis

Louis-Philippe adopts the tricolor flag, which he presents here surmounted by the regulatory rooster of the National Guard flag, slightly adapted to bear the words "Liberty" and "Public order".

The declaration of the future citizen-king to the inhabitants of Paris, text approved by Talleyrand, is the first official act which features the three colors: “When I returned to the city of Paris, I proudly wore these glorious colors that you have taken back. , and which I myself had worn for a long time. In fact, the prince's livery is tricolor. Georgin’s image, a few months later, bears the caption: “France has entrusted me with these glorious colors; I will know how to defend them. »Defend them against what? Against the red flag, which flew on the pediment of the Hôtel de Ville and which La Fayette had removed, against the white flag, the flag of Charles X and the restoration of a monarchy of divine right, whose symbols adorn, next to Georgin's signature, the gravestone which rests on the unpaved ground.

The tricolor, "the livery of Liberty" of 1790 (Mirabeau), flew over the barricades of July, as witnessed in the background by the insurgent people who greet the son of Philippe-Égalité. When, on 1er August, he had posters affixed proclaiming that the French nation was authorized to resume the tricolor, the reaction of the Paris municipal commission was immediate: "The French nation has reconquered its national colors and sealed them with its blood and in virtue of its full sovereignty. It is not for anyone to concede them to him or to take them away from him. "


The three colors were banned under the Restoration, to such an extent that a text of 1817 forbids shipowners and captains of civilian ships to display as marks of recognition flags recalling "one who can no longer be one today. sign of rebellion ”. The July Monarchy intends to work for national reconciliation by taking back a flag that will remain a national emblem to this day. Symbol of freedom, the flag is solemnly given to the future king by La Fayette, the "Liberator of the two Worlds" who would be, according to his Memoirs, at the origin of its conception.

  • Orleans (of)
  • tricolour flag
  • Louis Philippe
  • July Monarchy
  • Revolution of 1830
  • Three Glorious
  • Thiers (Adolphe)


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