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EMS Boxer (14) was built in 1812. Captured off Maine by Bnterprise (14), she was not taken into the United States Navy.

The galley Borer (q. v.) was sometimes referred to as Boxer.

(Brig: T. 370; 1. 114'11';; b. 28'7"; dr. 14'2"; cpl. 90;
a. 2 9-pdr. S. B., 14 24-pdr. B.;cl. Boxer)

The first Boxer, a 14-gun brig, was launched in May 1815 by C. and D. Churchill, Middletown, Conn., and commissioned later in the year, Lieutenant J. Porter in command.

During 1815 Boxer served in Commodore William Bainbridges' Mediterranean Squadron and in 1816-17 cruised in the Gulf of Mexico protecting American commerce and suppressing the slave trade. 'She was lost off Balize, near New Orleans, 25 October 1817, but her crew was saved.

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